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As an artist, wood is an essential part of my practice. Trees are diverse in species and natural to the earth. Their beauty is vast, both internally through their grain pattern and externally as they waver in the wind. Each tree lives, breathes and has a story to be told. For these reasons I feel that there is a spiritual connection that exists between humans and trees.

Through this connection and the use of wood as a contextual material, my sculptures investigate the idea of erosion and how it relates to people. As human beings, I believe we endure significant periods of erosion throughout our lives in a physical, emotional and spiritual sense. Through age, abuse, hardship and loss we become worn. The sculptural forms I create embody the relationship between this natural process and the deteriorated mind and body.

My work is primarily driven by reductive processes requiring the removal of material, such as woodcarving and various techniques of woodturning. For foundational or structural purposes, I often incorporate other materials such as concrete and steel. Occasionally I accent the wooden forms with metals like bronze or copper, and use other methods of surface alteration such as burning, texturing or painting.